Why Uniformed Security Guards Should Be Part of Your Security Strategy

3 Essential Soft Skills for Security Guards

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Why Uniformed Security Guards Should Be Part of Your Security Strategy
These three soft skills can make the difference between a decent security guard and an invaluable one.

Keeping properties safe from physical threats demands a very specific skill set. Security guards must be familiar with the basics of physical security strategies, crime detection, access control, and emergency preparedness. However, security know-how isn’t the only thing that matters. Soft skills can make the difference between a decent security guard and an invaluable one. Security guards must cultivate these three soft skills to perform at their best.

A Vital Skill for Security Guards: Clear, Quick, and Calm Thinking Under Pressure

Security guards must know what to do in high-pressure situations, but they must also be able to arrive at the correct conclusions and put their knowledge into action without panicking. Every piece of security knowledge in the book is useless without security guards who are calm, quick, and clear in their thinking during crises. These professionals must stay calm in intense situations, and they must be able to think things through quickly. Above all, they must not be bogged down by panic.

Problem-Solving Skills are Crucial for Security Guards

Of course, even the most level-headed security guard needs something extra to perform in a crisis. Things rarely go as planned during an emergency, and sharp problem-solving skills are a massive asset. Security guards must be able to de-escalate situations, address emergent issues, and prioritize the problems on their agenda when their original plans fail or are impractical. Creative solutions and rational thinking can help security guards respond to all sorts of one-of-a-kind crises and everyday issues. Every situation, from detecting a vandal to evacuating employees during an emergency, requires security guards to have superior problem-solving skills.

Excellent Communication is Paramount

Even the best thinkers in the world can be stopped in their tracks without effective communication. Security guards must be able to communicate with guests, employees, criminals, first responders, and each other appropriately. They must know how much information to provide to whom and in what way. While interacting with guests and customers requires a bit of a softer touch, discussing problems with first responders or other security personnel necessitates quick, concise, and thorough communication.

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