Stop Trespassers with Security Officers

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Likely one of the more common problems many property owners have to face is the issue of trespassing. Dealing with trespassers requires just the right touch to handle the situation in all its many forms. One of the best things you can do is to hire trained security officers who know how to handle these […]

How Security Personnel Assist in Emergency Preparedness & Response

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When we’re used to going through our day-to-day routines, it can be difficult when an emergency strikes. It’s very common for the majority of people to panic when the unexpected happens, leaving them frozen and unable to respond appropriately to what’s happening around them. Trained security personnel are always ready to assist in emergency preparedness […]

Why Uniformed Security Guards Should Be Part of Your Security Strategy

3 Essential Soft Skills for Security Guards

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Keeping properties safe from physical threats demands a very specific skill set. Security guards must be familiar with the basics of physical security strategies, crime detection, access control, and emergency preparedness. However, security know-how isn’t the only thing that matters. Soft skills can make the difference between a decent security guard and an invaluable one. […]

Using Security Officers to Reopen Safely

Using Security Officers to Reopen Safely

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Businesses across Maryland are starting to reopen as local governing bodies ease COVID-19 restrictions. While many business owners are rejoicing, there are still a few safety and security concerns that need to be addressed. Social distancing and mask use are a crucial part of limiting the spread of this disease, and enforcing new rules within […]

The Top Responsibilities of Security Officers

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Security officers are tasked with the important job of making sure that your business, event, and property are secure. Keeping your guests or employees safe requires security guards to be well-versed in mobile patrol, crisis aversion, and crowd control, among other security responsibilities. Fulfilling various duties as safely and effectively as possible is paramount to […]