Why Security Guards Skilled in Conflict De-Escalation Are Beneficial to Your Business

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Security guards are an underrated asset for many businesses. A lot of business owners choose not to hire security guards because they assume their regular employees can handle whatever problems arise, they think they don’t need security guards because they don’t experience a lot of crime or theft, or they simply assume that security guards […]

Why Security Guards Are Necessary For Access Control

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Access control has become one of the most important red-button topics in the security industry. When it comes to security, the most important place to implement it is at the front door. If unauthorized users can’t get in, then there’s generally little to worry about. Unfortunately, access control systems aren’t a foolproof method—security guards are […]

How a Security Guard Desk Attendant Benefits Your Employees

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Many businesses require desk attendants to receive customers, guests, and visitors—hotels, office buildings, and medical facilities are just some of the industries that utilize a receptionist desk at the front entrance of their buildings. All of these industries can utilize a security guard desk attendant that benefits employees who also work at these facilities. Security […]

What Industries Benefit the Most From Vehicle Patrol Services?

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There are a lot of different ways to keep your businesses and facilities secured—one of those ways is vehicle patrol services. Vehicle patrol services are important for facilities with large parking lots and garages, especially in areas where disturbances can take place or people may need help. Vehicle patrol services are a huge benefit because […]