The single most important element of providing the quality service every account deserves is staffing with personnel who will be able to perform to high standards on a daily basis.

The first step in keeping pace with the increasing demands for better quality security services is to intensify the employee selection process. To accomplish this, CES has accepted the challenge of screening for the best security officer applicants who are then properly trained to protect property and employees. CES prides itself on its recruitment / screening methodology. This pre-employment screening process includes comprehensive drug screening, as well as background checks for all applicants.


Training is of critical importance to us, especially since we specialize in providing both security and event services to the convention and exposition industry. Our staff is trained in our offices to not only be effective in carrying out their individual responsibilities, but also in relating to the public and attendees in a professional and courteous manner. We stress the importance of client relations, public relations, access control, property protection, crowd control, emergency procedures, report writing, uniform compliance, and professional image in all of our training. We believe that the training of quality personnel must include classroom training and on-the-job training, with an emphasis placed on role-playing techniques.


Our experience in the industry has led us to understand that it is important for our personnel to project an image that reflects well upon CES, our clients and the facilities in which we work.


Our supervisory personnel are selected for their innate abilities to deal with great detail, to be flexible in an environment where changes can happen on an hourly basis, for their ability to deal with many different entities on many levels (e.g. show manager, facility representative, in-house security personnel, police officers, guards, etc.), and for their natural understanding of the roles that security personnel play vis-à-vis the public at special events. We have found that while our clients generally are very impressed with our officers, they usually give rave reviews on our supervisors.