Stop Trespassers with Security Officers

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CES Security Trespassers
Trained security officers will know how to properly handle trespassers to keep your facility secure.

Likely one of the more common problems many property owners have to face is the issue of trespassing. Dealing with trespassers requires just the right touch to handle the situation in all its many forms. One of the best things you can do is to hire trained security officers who know how to handle these issues to keep your property protected.

Know What to Do

Security officers are so important in the case of trespassing because the issue can take on different forms, all of which need to be handled in a different way. In one case, you may just be dealing with someone who is lost or not really paying too much attention and has wandered onto the property by accident. There’s no need to escalate such a minor situation, and trained security personnel will know this and act accordingly. In another case, there might be a repeat offender who is trespassing as a form of protest or attempting to commit a crime. For these cases, trained security professionals will be able to recognize this person and take the appropriate steps to handle the situation.

Escorting Them Away

Security officers are one of the many faces of your business, so choosing well-trained personnel who will take the issue seriously and handle it in a professional manner is incredibly important. They can remain friendly and calm in cases when the trespass is a simple mistake, graciously escorting the person or people off of the property and helping them out if necessary. They are also able to be firm and forceful when dealing with anyone who has criminal intent, making them the best option regardless of the situation. In the most serious cases, they can inform local law enforcement to have the offender picked up.

Keeping Them Informed

A security officer is also useful because they can calmly inform the trespassers of any legal issues they may be subject to, which is a method to incentivize them to avoid trespassing again. The hope is that the fear of consequences will keep them from coming back and continuing to disrupt your property. Security guards are perfect for this because they can be intimidating while remaining friendly and personable, leaving someone feeling like they’ve been warned without being mishandled.

Security Logs

Finally, security guards can keep detailed logs of any events that occur during their shifts. This is important when dealing with a serial trespasser because it’s a log of evidence against that person if things are ever forced to escalate to a point where law enforcement needs to be called in. Having those detailed records will make it easier for you if you have to hand the person over to the police.

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