After-Hours Security Risks

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CES Security After-Hours
Having someone monitoring your property after-hours can protect your business from major and minor issues when it would normally be vulnerable.

A facility after hours is supposed to be quiet and serene, patiently guarding everything within its doors. Sometimes, however, the peace of night is disturbed by criminals or serious emergencies that require a professional hand to manage. Hiring after-hours security will ensure that someone is always available on the scene to deal with any issues that could arise, adding an extra layer of protection to your business.

Night Crime

The majority of the crime seen at establishments take place during the day. However, crime after hours can range from harmless to highly destructive. 

Simple loitering or accidental trespassing aren’t major issues, but they can be quickly and easily handled by a trained security guard that is on the scene. 

Burglary, vandalism, and theft are all more serious crimes that can occur at night. The darkness provides cover for any potential criminals, so if your building isn’t bathed in light once the sun goes down, it’s vulnerable. In addition, an unoccupied building is a prime target for crime because there is little risk of being caught (even if a camera records the incident). Having security guards on the scene will protect your property and deter criminals from targeting it.


Emergencies can happen at any time, so it’s always a good idea to have after-hours security ready to respond. Whether it’s a fire, flooding, or even an unexpected medical emergency—you’ll be glad you had a security guard on the ground when you needed them. It’s true that incidents like this will typically be very rare, but they can still happen at any time and it only takes one unchecked fire or flood to destroy a building. Having a trained security guard available after hours can be the difference between waking up to a burned-down building, or waking up to some mild property damage.

Why Security Guards?

There are a lot of automated systems to help protect your business from CCTV cameras to fire protection systems, but none of them have the human element that a security guard provides. They can quickly and easily deal with minor crimes, or even prevent them altogether. They can respond in an emergency when a safety system is faulty or inoperable, possibly preventing significant damage to your business. They can immediately and adequately respond to many different situations where automation and cameras just don’t cut it.

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