Is it Better to Have Security Guards or CCTV?

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CES Security Security Guards or CCTV
Security guards and CCTV are best when they’re together.

Security is a serious issue, and it involves a lot of important considerations about what is best for your business, its assets, and its people. The two biggest players in security surveillance, CCTVs and security guards, both have their own strengths and weaknesses that need to be weighed. If you’re unsure which is best for your business, whether it’s CCTV or security guards, the answer is both.


Always On… Usually

CCTV has the benefit of never needing to sleep, eat, or take a break, making them great for monitoring what happens on your premises all day, every day. However, everyone knows technology can be finicky and troublesome, especially when it’s most needed. If your surveillance system goes offline, has a network failure, loses power, or has any other sort of critical error that stops it from monitoring, it opens the door for potential crime. Video surveillance systems are also static and predictable, making them easy to circumvent by the determined criminal.


Deterrence… Sometimes

A lot of video surveillance options now come with the ability to project sound to deter unwanted guests. This seems like a useful tool, but a lot of the pre-loaded sounds are either ridiculous or just not useful. As these options become standard, potential trespassers and criminals will ignore them knowing they’re automated and assuming nobody is actually watching them. In addition, criminals have been ignoring CCTV cameras for years. Many commercial systems are low-resolution and low-quality, allowing criminals to feel comfortable that their identity will be too difficult to determine from the poor footage available. Even if the criminal is identified, the damage will have already been done.


Security Guards

Visible Security

People can usually see surveillance cameras, but they don’t always fear surveillance cameras. True visible security is achieved by human security guards who pose an immediate threat to any potential criminal. This is the most effective security measure your business can have for deterrence and is critical for stopping crime before it happens.


Immediate Response

CCTV is most useful for reviewing footage after a crime, but this does not always lead to a caught criminal. Having security guards on-site allows for immediate response and apprehension, often preventing a crime from being fully realized and ensuring the offender is caught.


So Happy Together

If you’re stuck while deciding between CCTV or security guards, the best solution is a combination of both. CCTV makes it easy for trained security guards to monitor most areas of the premises easily and efficiently, while security guards can physically check blind spots at random intervals to ensure full security coverage. Having security guards on duty if your CCTV system fails means you’ll have a failsafe in place and the guards can run perimeter checks until the surveillance system is repaired. Most importantly, if the CCTV system detects an intruder, having security guards at the ready means they can respond immediately to prevent any potential crime from taking place and inform the authorities if necessary.


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