Why Security Guards are Important for Loss Prevention

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CES Security Loss Prevention
A trained security guard can protect your bottom line through loss prevention.

Inventory and monetary loss is a nightmare that keeps business owners up at night. The more loss and theft your business suffers, the harder it is to manage your company’s bottom line. Utilizing security guards will help with loss prevention and protect your business from the sticky fingers of both patrons and employees.

A Watchful Eye

A visible security guard lets people know they’re being watched, making them think twice about attempting a theft. Crime prevention is the most important aspect of security. Dealing with attempted theft is time-consuming, stressful, and can agitate other patrons. Deterring theft keeps the peace while maintaining inventory.

Specialized Training

Trained security guards know what signs to watch for before a theft takes place. People who commit fraud can get good at it, making it difficult for employees to catch problematic and suspicious behavior. Security guards take note of even the smallest signs, monitoring many guests at once to ensure no one is trying to pull a fast one on your employees. Specialized training allows loss prevention security guards to see even the smallest gestures that indicate a potential problem.

It Takes a Village

A trained security guard can offer tips and tricks to employees to help them spot suspicious activity taking place. Keeping a strong line of communication between employees and security is important for loss prevention because it ensures as many eyes as possible on every patron, and may trick a potential thief into thinking they’re safe to steal when the guard isn’t looking directly at them. Having a way for employees to alert the guard to any suspicious characters lets the guard know who to watch a bit more closely.

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