Why Security Guards Are Necessary For Access Control

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Access control has become one of the most important red-button topics in the security industry. When it comes to security, the most important place to implement it is at the front door. If unauthorized users can’t get in, then there’s generally little to worry about. Unfortunately, access control systems aren’t a foolproof method—security guards are […]

Does Your Warehouse Need Security Guards?

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Most warehouse owners and operators appreciate a good security guard, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Warehouses are often home to expensive goods, dangerous chemicals, and lots of room for incidents that have the potential to threaten the safety of employees. Having a trained security guard on staff provides a multitude of benefits that […]

How to Make the Most of Your Professional Event Security

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Running an event is a lot of work, and an important aspect of these events is professional event security. Protecting your event-goers, VIP guests, and staff is a critical task that should be taken as seriously as every other aspect of the event because everyone attending is counting on the organizers to have security and […]