The Importance of Warehouse Security Guards

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Warehouse security guards are critical for asset protection and theft reduction, but they have more skills to lean on and are invaluable assets.

Warehouse owners often understand the importance of physical security. After all, warehouses typically contain a lot of highly valuable goods and merchandise, which makes them a prime target for crime—theft, in particular. Security systems are great, but they can’t do everything. Every warehouse should have security guards on staff that can provide better security and even more benefits.

Reduce Theft

Of course, one of the main concerns for any warehouse is the risk of theft. Warehouses are often packed full of valuable goods and merchandise, which makes them a tempting target. Warehouses have a tendency to tempt those working on the inside, too. Employee theft can be a serious problem that warehouse owners face.

In order to reduce theft, security guards need to be present. They provide access control, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to find their way in, where they could potentially commit theft. Security guards also provide deterrence, which works on both employees and non-employees. When people know the premises are being watched, it raises the risk of them being found out and punished. If a successful heist isn’t likely, people will be less inclined to try.

Respond to Security Violations

While security guards do a great job of providing deterrence and making it difficult for people to commit security violations,  they may not be able to stop everything. Sometimes, they have to respond to security violations in progress. Security guards are an invaluable asset when your warehouse has had a security violation because they will know the proper procedures on how to handle the situation. They will also be able to prepare a report on the incident, which can help warehouse owners determine where weak points are and consider ways to keep those areas more secure.

Raise Employee Morale

Security guards have the unexpected benefit of raising employee morale. It may sound strange, but it’s true! Security guards have excellent soft skills, meaning that they’re great at communication and building rapport with others. As your security guards spend time with your other employees, they help them to feel comfortable and safe while they’re at work. In a warehouse, this can be very important. Employees aren’t dealing with angry customers as much, but they do experience stress and anxiety on the job. When employees feel like their safety is being taken seriously, they’re typically happier and more productive on the job.

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