3 Physical Security Services For a More Secure Facility

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Physical security services have taken a backseat to the cybersecurity rush, but they can provide many benefits to your business or facility.

When it comes to facility security, many people lean on automated security systems to do the work for them. Modern security systems have come a long way, but they just don’t beat having physical security on the premises. For the best results, add these three physical security services to your security arsenal, and they can work in tandem with your security systems for a faster response time and a safer, more secure facility.

Security Guards

Security guards are frequently underestimated even though they are often well-trained and useful in a plethora of scenarios. What skills do security guards bring to the table?

  • Deterrence
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Basic first aid
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Emergency Response

As you can see, security guards bring a wide range of skills to the table. They are critical for everyday operations but will also make a big difference when things go wrong at your facility or place of business. In particular, while most employees won’t take safety training seriously, your security guard will make it a point to know your emergency plans, learn where points of egress are around the building, and provide leadership to help others to safety.

Security Guard Desk Attendants

Security guards are an amazing asset in and of themselves, but some businesses should take it a step further and hire a security guard desk attendant. As was previously mentioned, security guards have great communication and customer service skills—they’re perfect as desk attendants. This allows them a good vantage point right at your front door, where they can keep an eye on patrons, customers, and visitors—when trouble comes, a security guard desk attendant is in the perfect position to intervene and stop issues in their tracks.

Vehicle Patrols

If your facility has a large parking lot or parking garage, vehicle patrols will make a world of difference. What exactly do vehicle patrols do?

  • Monitor for problematic activity
  • Help anyone who has gotten lost
  • Help anyone who has misplaced their vehicle
  • Assist during an emergency
  • Provide communication between the parking area and security in the building

It may seem like overkill since parking garages frequently have video surveillance systems, but these only allow you to see problems—it takes a while to intervene if no one is nearby. With vehicle patrols, security inside the facility can communicate with them about anything being seen through these video surveillance cameras, allowing an almost immediate response.

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