Why Security Guards Skilled in Conflict De-Escalation Are Beneficial to Your Business

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CES Security Conflict De-escalation
Having a security guard that is skilled in conflict de-escalation can have a major positive effect on customers, visitors, and employees.

Security guards are an underrated asset for many businesses. A lot of business owners choose not to hire security guards because they assume their regular employees can handle whatever problems arise, they think they don’t need security guards because they don’t experience a lot of crime or theft, or they simply assume that security guards get paid to stand around and look intimidating all day. The reality is that security guards bring a lot to the table for every kind of business or commercial property, and one of the important skills they bring to the table is conflict de-escalation—a critical tool in handling high-stress situations in a way that ensures everyone feels safe.

Workplace Safety

Conflict can happen anytime, anywhere. When it takes place at your business facility or commercial property, it creates an atmosphere that feels unsafe for workers, visitors, and patrons. Enraged staff, patrons, and visitors are all a threat to the safety of others, especially if no one knows how to calm them down and perform important de-escalation steps. Conflict de-escalation training is critical for security guards because it allows them to handle these kinds of situations without needing to use force.

Employee Morale

When your staff and employees are working with security guards that have proven themselves capable of solving issues using conflict de-escalation, it actually raises their morale by making them feel calmer and safer. It can help them to feel more secure, and they will even be more productive because they know that if a problematic situation arises, the security personnel will be able to manage it without anyone getting hurt. Feeling safe in the workplace should never be underestimated—staff will be much more friendly, and their work will go more smoothly when they’re confident that their safety is being taken seriously.

Customer Satisfaction

Staff and other employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from a business having security guards that are capable of conflict de-escalation. Customers and patrons will also benefit from this important skill. Whether the angry party is a staff member or a patron, they’re likely causing a scene and making everyone around them uncomfortable as they become more and more agitated. This doesn’t just make employees feel unsafe—it can also affect other customers and patrons that are nearby.


In addition, if the threat is a customer or patron, conflict de-escalation allows them the opportunity to feel heard and understood while allowing them the opportunity to calm down on their own without being forced through a physical altercation. This will make them feel better about the situation, and they’ll feel safe to return to your business because your security guards were able to handle their problem without causing them harm.

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