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Six Essential Steps for Implementing Visitor Management

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visitor management ces security
An essential part of any office security, visitor management should be carefully thought-out before implementation.

How you monitor who enters a property and how long they are there is visitor management. An essential part of any office security, visitor management should be carefully though-out before implementation. Here are six steps to building excellent visitor management practices in your security. 

  1. Choose your visitor management system. The best systems available generally offer visitor badges that include a photo ID. The visitor management system must carry a record of the visitors. 
  2. Utilize access control. Access to your building can be limited by how many entrances are public. Lock the remaining doors and allow public access at only one entry. 
  3. Place your visitor management system near the entrance. It should be easily accessible from the public entrance of our building. Our staff of security personnel is fully equipped to run your visitor management system. Not only should we be at every entrance to protect your staff, but we can help visitors register with the system.
  4. Train your staff. Non-security personnel should be aware of how the visitor management system works and why it is necessary. Any visitors they have should be made aware of the system as well.
  5. Inform visitors of your policies. As visitors register in the system, they should be educated on your security policies. They should also be made aware they will need to sign out when they leave to ensure everyone is accounted for. Our security personnel are fully trained on access control systems, making us an excellent choice for your visitor management.
  6. Additional security procedures can be added at any time. Visitor management is an excellent security measure to ensure the safety of your building’s occupants. However, security issues happen, and you may need to raise the intensity of your visitor security policies. Hiring security personnel will ensure all new security policies are implemented.

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