Improving Customer Experience With Desk Attendants

Improving Customer Experience With Desk Attendants

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Improving Customer Experience With Desk Attendants
Desk attendants are a valuable presence for all kinds of facilities, and their expertise can help improve the quality of customer service available to your visitors.

While security is of the utmost importance for business owners and facility managers, ensuring a pleasant and satisfying experience for clients and visitors is also crucial. Customers require service from knowledgeable, professional, and attentive staff, particularly when they visit your lobby or front desk for help. Desk attendants must help visitors with a wide range of issues, from giving directions and assistance to enforcing visitor policies and access control protocols. The benefits of working with a team of professionals are clear: visitors that have a good customer service experience are more likely to return, and leaving your reception area in good hands can have positive outcomes for your facility’s safety and emergency preparedness efforts.

Desk Attendants Require Specific Qualities for Excellent Service

While some business owners opt to staff their front desks in-house, finding professionals with the requisite customer service skills can be challenging. Desk attendants must be attentive without being smothering, and they must find a balance between being friendly and being professional. Your front desk attendants are often the first people your guests see, and it is impossible to take back a first impression. Working with the team at CES Security can help you ensure that you’ve got the best professionals for the task.

High-Quality Service Boosts Your Bottom Line

Improving customer experience isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s also just good business sense. Happy visitors are more likely to return, and prompt attention from desk attendants can keep potential business from walking away. Having a dedicated staff of desk attendants also allows your other employees to focus on the jobs for which you hired them, rather than running back and forth between their offices and the reception area to handle clients.

Utilizing Desk Attendants Boosts On-Site Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Too

While boosting customer satisfaction is important, there are other practical reasons to consider hiring desk attendants. Access control measures are vital for physical security, and desk attendants are a valuable asset in ensuring that all visitors are accounted for and have not mistakenly entered restricted areas. These professionals can also help spot suspicious activity, reporting it to nearby security guards if necessary. A team of professional desk attendants also gives your guests somewhere to turn for guidance in the event of an emergency.

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