Hiring Security Guards in Washington, D.C.: Why Now is the Time

Hiring Security Guards in Washington, D.C.: Why Now is the Time

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Hiring Security Guards in Washington, D.C.: Why Now is the Time
Now is the time for facilities in Washington, D.C. to redouble their physical security measures, and security guards from CES Security are a valuable asset.

Now is a frightening time for residents of the District of Columbia. Residents and business owners in the District are no strangers to civil unrest and the potential for violence. Still, with all eyes on the Capitol and a Mayoral Order extending the public emergency until after the upcoming inauguration, tensions are remarkably high. Now is the time for commercial and residential facilities in Washington, D.C. to redouble their physical security measures. Security guards from CES Security have served properties throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia since 1975, and now is the time to invest in physical security solutions for your residential or commercial facility.

Things are Likely to Escalate Between Now and January 20th

The recent events at the Capitol have shaken many to the core and caused business owners throughout the District to look at their own facilities’ security. While the Capitol has been secured, tensions are likely to rise as we inch closer to the inauguration on January 20th. How do your facility’s security protocols hold up? If your security measures could use a boost, consider hiring security guards from CES Security. Now is the time to get the ball rolling — make sure that your property has the necessary security presence on-site when you need it by contacting our team today.

Security Guards Help Reassure Visitors and Create a Calm Atmosphere

While future unrest may not be your first concern, for your customers and employees it might be. Uniformed security guards can help businesses create a calm, orderly atmosphere, encouraging visitors to return and reassuring employees. This is essential in a time when sky-high tensions and worries about violence, sickness, and other threats are on many peoples’ minds. Security guards from CES Security are trained to respond to stressful situations in a calm, measured fashion, diffusing tension and restoring order.

On-Site Security Guards Combine Deterrence, Detection, and Response

Unlike some physical security measures that only deter or detect criminal activity, security guards are a multifaceted tool for facility protection. These trained professionals act as a visible crime deterrent while keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings and detecting suspicious activity. When emergencies and incidents occur, these professionals can respond quickly and calmly. Security guards are essential for any busy or high-risk property, and now is the time for Washington, D.C. business owners to take security seriously.

CES is Dedicated to Serving Our Community

Since opening in 1975, we have been committed to serving businesses in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Our values include proactive communication, honesty, reliability, and quality. We also believe in paying unparalleled attention to detail, no matter which service you require us to provide.

Our services include the following: professional security teams for permanent, temporary, emergency and rapid-response support; around-the-clock patrols and management attention; concierge and hospitality staffing; and a dedicated mobile patrol service with associated staffing. Contact us for a free, professional consultation today! Call 443-471-7000. Don’t forget to follow us on social media through FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn!