Common Medical Facility Security Threats

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CES Security Medical Facility
The security of a medical facility is important for the safety of patients and staff.

Hospitals are unique in that they need to monitor, care for, and protect many different types of people, all of whom are considered vulnerable due to some level of significant illness. Even though hospitals and medical facilities are intended to be places for healing, they also tend to be a breeding ground for trouble. A hospital experiences a high volume of traffic, as well as high tension due to anxious friends and family members. These factors can lead to serious problems, so having an experienced security team is critical for protecting the facility’s vulnerable patient population as well as faculty and staff.

Staff Safety

One of the bigger issues for medical facilities can be protecting staff. According to the American Nurses Association, 1 in every 4 nurses is assaulted while on the job. In addition to serious physical assault, nurses and other staff are often subject to extreme verbal abuse and sexual harassment. Healthcare workers need to be able to feel safe and protected while on the job, which is why it’s important to have a security team that quickly spots problematic situations and steps in before any staff members are seriously hurt.

Patient Elopements

Patient elopements are more than an inconvenience for hospital and healthcare staff, they’re a danger to the patient’s safety. These patients have chosen to leave without proper discharge, which means it was deemed necessary to continue monitoring and treating them. Elopements can be especially problematic for behavioral health patients. Having security posted at access points greatly lowers the risk of patient elopements, making it easier for medical centers to keep vulnerable patients from leaving without a discharge.

Access Control

In addition to lowering the chance of patient elopements, security guards can provide important access control. When protecting a vulnerable population, a trained security team and a visitor management system will go a long way in ensuring unauthorized visitors cannot access the medical center. This can also keep problems at bay if irate or unruly visitors are caught at the front door before they have a chance to verbally or physically abuse staff, faculty, other visitors, or even patients.

Parking Lot Security

Just outside of the hospital, car thefts and break-ins are a serious problem. Having a vehicle patrol to monitor the lot can make a big difference by deterring would-be criminals as well as catching them in the act. Patients, visitors, faculty, and staff already have enough to worry about without also having to concern themselves with whether their car is being broken into at any given time while they are in the facility. Keeping the area secure will boost the facility’s reputation and preserve the peace of mind of everyone.

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