4 Businesses That Benefit from a Security Guard Desk Attendant

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CES Security Security Guard Desk Attendant
If your building has a front desk, it can benefit from a security guard desk attendant.

Desk attendants are a necessity in many facilities, and most of these facilities benefit immensely from hiring a security guard desk attendant that is capable of handling large volumes of visitors and stressful situations. Having a strong line of defense at your front door can protect your guests, employees, and facility from potential threats while still offering a friendly and professional experience for everyone who visits your business.


Hotels experience a constant ebb and flow of guests and visitors that are entering and exiting the building, checking in, checking out, and needing assistance. During peak seasons, the constant rush of people can be overwhelming for even the most experienced desk attendants. Security guard desk attendants, however, are trained to stay focused, remain on task, and be detail-oriented so they can stay in control of even the most chaotic situations. The ability to remain calm and professional, even when dealing with a packed lobby, is a critical skill for a hotel desk attendant. A security guard desk attendant will excel at handling stressful situations while continuing to be a friendly and welcoming face for your business.

Medical Buildings

Urgent care facilities and medical centers deal with scary and stressful situations every single day, and the last thing medical professionals need is to deal with security issues while trying to help a patient. Whether it’s dealing with agitated loved ones, unauthorized guests, or contraband—medical professionals should be able to do their jobs without having to worry about these extra threats. A security guard desk attendant placed in urgent care or medical facility provides a line of defense between whatever is coming into the facility and the medical professionals that need to focus on their patients.

Residential Complexes

The front desk of an apartment or condominium residential complex requires an attendant that is friendly, welcoming, and serious about their role. There is a level of expectation that residents will want to be sure is met, as well as potential residents interested in your complex. These guests and visitors will expect to be welcomed and taken seriously, which can be surprisingly uncommon in some complexes. Security guard desk attendants are not only trained to be personable—they are also trained to take even minor threats seriously. When residents have complaints or concerns, security attendants will take the time to listen, log them, and investigate if they feel it’s necessary for the safety of the residents.

Office Buildings

Office buildings are full of people Monday through Friday, and having someone to manage all visitors and employees coming in and out is critical. Security guard front desk attendants go beyond monitoring everyone coming and going by helping visitors navigate the labyrinth of hallways to get to their destination, and managing security issues such as unauthorized visitors and workplace violence. Being capable of handling any situation that arises is what makes a security guard desk attendant such an important asset to office buildings and many other facilities.

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