Should Your Front Desk Attendant Have a Security Clearance?

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CES Security Front Desk Attendant
A front desk attendant with security training will be able to handle any situation that arises.

The front desk of a facility is a critical point in its security. All visitors enter and exit through this area, so a front desk attendant needs to be observant and capable of handling any situation that comes through the door. An attendant with security training will be capable of professionally handling guests, responding to emergencies, and deterring problematic behavior such as theft and workplace violence.

Access Control

A front desk attendant is the first line of defense for your business. Access control keeps employees and patrons safe from potential threats by monitoring and maintaining a list of authorized guests. When unauthorized visitors try to slip past the front desk, an attendant with security clearance won’t be fooled. They have the training to spot unusual behavior and keep an eye on potentially troublesome situations. 

Attendants with a security clearance are especially important during peak times. Staying observant while the front lobby is full of people can be a difficult task even for experienced attendants, but trained security will be able to handle it. 


Deterrence is always the main goal for any security guard. A front desk attendant helps deter problematic activity by letting guests know that they’re being watched. Security training helps attendants recognize troubling behavior before it becomes a more serious situation. By verbally correcting this behavior, deterrence is amplified. These individuals, and everyone else nearby, receive a message that the attendant is watching and is ready to respond if necessary.


Crimes that are deterred by a trained attendant include, but are not limited to, trespassing, theft, harassment, and even assault. Guests and visitors that enter the premises with the intention of causing trouble will think twice if a front desk attendant is present and closely monitoring the front lobby. A problem that is stopped before it starts won’t cause trouble for your business, patrons, or employees.

Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is an unfortunate reality, but it can be kept at bay by a front desk attendant with a security clearance. Employees will get to know your attendant or attendants, and understand that they are being watched just like everyone else. This makes them feel safe and secure, but it also deters them from causing trouble of their own. Knowing that a trained professional is ready to respond to a situation will help angry employees reconsider their options when they’re tempted to choose violence. A trained security guard can also catch behavior that leads up to violence and put a stop to it before it is able to escalate.

Emergency Response

Front desk attendants are first responders when it comes to emergency situations within your facility. Whether a fire has started, or a guest needs medical assistance, your attendant needs to know how to handle the situation professionally and efficiently to ensure the safety of guests and employees.

Security personnel can be an asset in emergency preparedness, as well. They’re capable of assisting in developing response strategies that are up-to-date and easy to execute so you are always ready to act regardless of the emergency.

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