The Benefits of Vehicle Security Patrol

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CES Security Vehicle Security Patrols
Vehicle security patrols can monitor blind spots and respond to events happening outside your facility.

Vehicle security patrol might seem redundant if you already have security guards stationed around the premises and at a CCTV station. However, a large facility and parking lot offer an excess of unattended space for a potential criminal to operate within. In addition, any number of problems or emergencies could happen at any time which can be a liability for you, so it’s worth it to consider the benefits of vehicle security patrol.

Checking Blind Spots

CCTV can only see so much from its fixed-point cameras. While CCTV has its benefits, it should never be operated without security guards that provide a human element to security concerns as well as the ability to respond to those concerns. Vehicle security patrols are one of the best options for checking blind spots the cameras can’t reach due to obstructions. This ensures that you have a wider security net in place and your facility isn’t falling victim to problems hiding in the shadows.

Visible Security Presence

Vehicle security patrols are generally outfitted with lights at the top of the vehicle and are well-marked. This provides visible deterrence for anyone who thinks they’re going to get away with something once they’re out of the building and away from any security patrols inside the facility. Once they see that vehicle patrols are active, they’ll be wary of the possibility of being caught and less likely to attempt a crime.

Immediate Response

Security patrols are highly beneficial due to their immediate response time. Vehicle patrols can quickly and efficiently respond to security concerns that are happening just outside your facility. When something is taking place just outside, or in a parking lot, it might take too long for a guard on foot to respond. vehicle security patrols can head straight to the scene to address any issues or urgent matters.


A security guard’s top priority is keeping your business safe and secure, but they are also service representatives and a helping hand when your business needs it. Security guards are also great assets when employees or visitors require assistance.


Employees might need assistance from your vehicle security patrol at some point. Whether they forgot where they parked their vehicle, or they’ve locked their keys in their car, vehicle security patrols can help when incidents happen. This can be a great morale boost to employees that know the security guards have their back and save them the inconvenience of having to call in local law enforcement for something minor.


Visitors might also need assistance from vehicle security patrols whether they have a car issue, or need help locating a lost child, among other potential issues and emergencies. These patrols are an invaluable resource to you, your employees, and your visitors. They ensure the safety of everyone on your property while deterring crime and handling any problems that arise.

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