How Security Guards Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Customer and client satisfaction is critical for properties and businesses, but it’s not always the easiest thing to manage. Many people forget just how critical security guards can be in customer-facing roles—they’re there for security, but they are also a great asset for improving customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience.

4 Businesses That Benefit from a Security Guard Desk Attendant

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Desk attendants are a necessity in many facilities, and most of these facilities benefit immensely from hiring a security guard desk attendant that is capable of handling large volumes of visitors and stressful situations. Having a strong line of defense at your front door can protect your guests, employees, and facility from potential threats while […]

Should Your Front Desk Attendant Have a Security Clearance?

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The front desk of a facility is a critical point in its security. All visitors enter and exit through this area, so a front desk attendant needs to be observant and capable of handling any situation that comes through the door. An attendant with security training will be capable of professionally handling guests, responding to […]

Keep Your Facility Secure with Desk Attendants and Security Guards

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Making visitors feel welcome and comfortable is important for any commercial building. In fact, when it comes to integrating the proper security measures for a commercial facility, it becomes increasingly important to consider the importance of hiring security guards as a way to provide added security and protection to your facility in an effective and […]