How Security Guards Improve Customer Satisfaction

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CES Security Customer Satisfaction
Security guards are important for maintaining order and tight security, but they are also critical assets in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer and client satisfaction is critical for properties and businesses, but it’s not always the easiest thing to manage. Many people forget just how critical security guards can be in customer-facing roles—they’re there for security, but they are also a great asset for improving customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience.


A security guard posted near an entrance can be there to greet every customer that walks in the door, making everyone feel welcome and appreciated. Receiving a friendly greeting seems like such a small gesture, and many people might not even openly acknowledge the greeting, but it makes a difference in how people feel. Security guards have an excellent professional demeanor and know how to be friendly and forge trust, making them a great fit for this role.


Security guards are trained in communication skills so that they can excel in many different situations. Aside from the fact that security guards need to be able to communicate effectively with other security detail, management, law enforcement, and even medical or fire authorities, they are also often relied upon to communicate with customers and employees. A security guard will be able to listen to a customer, communicate effectively to manage their struggle or need, and improve their overall experience.

Remember Regulars

A long-term security guard is a great asset to any business because having a consistent presence is comforting, and they are often good at remembering regulars. Forging relationships with customers and clients is one of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction. Being able to make quick small talk with regular customers by using their names and asking about aspects of their life they have mentioned before helps them to feel heard and respected. They are likely to continue frequenting your business when they feel that their presence is desired and appreciated.

Helping Out

We have discussed previously how important security guards are for emergency preparedness, but that’s not the only time a security guard can help out. Security guards are also great at handling more common everyday issues, such as providing directions, answering questions, escorting customers to their cars, or assisting customers that are overburdened and need an extra hand. Having someone around who can take on these responsibilities removes pressure from other workers and greatly increases customer satisfaction.

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