Qualities of a Competent Security Guard

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A competent security guard needs to possess some particular traits that help them excel at every aspect of their job.

Security guards perform many important duties for any business they serve. While they obviously provide protection and visible security, they can also run patrols, the front desk, and important customer service tasks that keep your business running smoothly. They are often the face at the forefront of your business or facility, so the important qualities of a competent security guard typically go beyond looking intimidating and being highly observant (although that’s always a good trait).


While this is true for any worker, it’s absolutely critical for security guards. They often work independently, not being closely managed like other employees. Their need to self-manage means that they need to have integrity and act responsibly while on the job. They are also considered credible witnesses in the event of a crime, so having an honest security guard can also help law enforcement if this ever occurs.


It’s no secret that a competent security guard needs have excellent observation skills. They need to be able to detect even the most minor unusual behavior or locate issues happening within a burgeoning crowd of people. Their astute observational skills are what stands between a minor incident and a major incident, allowing them to respond quickly, even before anyone else has noticed the danger.


Security guards often work in customer-facing roles. Security guards in shopping centers can help with lost children or give directions, or simply be a friendly face to shoppers. Some security guards pull double duty as front desk attendants, making them the first person customers meet when entering a business. Even when security guards are not in customer-facing roles, they need to be able to communicate with other employees and be empathetic to others. They are in a position of power, and they need to be able to wield that power responsibly by being firm but considerate.


For many businesses and facilities, one security guard just isn’t enough. Even when a security guard is working solo, they still need to be a good team player when working with other employees of the business. The ability to work well with others allows security guards to create a tighter security web because they can work in tandem with other security personnel or employees that can keep them updated on anything happening, even in areas where they are not currently present. It also develops a level of mutual trust and respect among security personnel and other employees, which supports a healthier and happier work environment.

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