What are the Duties of a Security Guard?

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A security guard carefully monitors and manages the area they are assigned to protect in order to keep trouble at bay.

Security guards do a lot more than stand around and watch a property, although that is a big part of their job. Their everyday duties are meant to keep tabs on a business or facility and maintain a calm and peaceful environment. It’s ideal if a security guard never has to respond to a serious situation, but they’re trained to respond appropriately to many stressful and potentially dangerous situations.

Be a Visible Deterrent

It can be easy to underestimate just how important it is for security guards to simply be present. If a security guard never has to physically stop a crime from occurring, it may seem like they aren’t really needed when the reality is that they’re doing their job perfectly. Having visible security to deter crime means that your business or property can enjoy more quiet days, which is good for everyone.

Monitor for Suspicious Activity

Most people will notice obvious signs of suspicious activity, but they will often miss the more subtle hints of something being not quite right. In many instances, everyone is busy or focused on other things which makes it easier for potential criminals to go unnoticed. A trained security guard, however, is there specifically to keep an eye on all of the comings and goings. They will catch questionable behavior much earlier and be able to respond in a subtle way that lets the perpetrators know they’ve been spotted. If it can be handled quietly, that is always a good thing.

Maintain Order

When a lot of people exist in a small space, they can get unruly. Security guards are excellent at maintaining order during large events, in shopping centers, and even at residential properties such as apartment and condominium complexes. This is meant to protect the facility as well as the people by keeping everyone organized and calm. They are the enforcers of the rules and ensure compliance by all parties so that everyone is kept safe.

Crime & Emergency Response

When things go awry, a security guard is ready to respond immediately. No matter the crime or the emergency, they will know how to handle it. If the situation requires law enforcement or emergency medical services, they’ll be ready to alert the appropriate authorities. They are a credible witness during an incident that requires a police response, and they can maintain order during a medical emergency while medical services are en route. Other emergency situations such as a fire or flood are also times when a security guard on duty— is able to maintain order and calm and will help to stop building occupants from panicking. They are your first line of defense during any emergency.

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