Security Risks During Off-Hours

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CES Security Off-Hours
Business hours aren’t the only time facilities need to be concerned about security threats. The off-hours are a vulnerable time for many facilities.

Many businesses, including warehouses, medical clinics, and residential and commercial complexes, have a strong security presence during the day but almost no security presence during their off-hours. It can be easy to imagine a crime or emergency taking place during the day while there is a lot of bustling going on, but this isn’t the only time your property is vulnerable. There are several security risks that threaten your property during off-hours.

Employee Safety

While this might not always be the case, it’s not uncommon for businesses to have workers who are staying late or janitorial staff that perform their duties during the off-hours. These employees and contractors are your responsibility while they are on your property and they need to be protected. During off-hours, your business could be vulnerable to a break-in, fire, or medical emergency. Without a trained security officer, neither the business nor the workers are protected in any of these situations.


It’s easy to imagine shoplifting and theft happening during the day, but what about the off-hours? If you have employees or contractors who work during the off-hours of your business, it’s an unfortunate reality that they could choose to steal from your business while nobody is around to deter them. In addition, your business could fall victim to a break-in, resulting in inventory theft and property damage. Cameras will record the incident, but they can’t intervene, and oftentimes they don’t provide footage clear enough to locate a potential suspect. A trained security officer deters potential criminals and criminal activity while also being able to step in if someone is foolish enough to make an attempt.


Things always seem to happen when you least expect them to, and emergencies are no exception. Once your business has closed, it’s still vulnerable to many different types of emergencies. Electrical outages, chemical spills, flooding, and fire are all potential risks any property faces, and they can strike at any time. Having trained security officers that can contact emergency services and take important steps to counteract as much damage as possible can make a huge difference in how much damage is caused to your property. In addition, if there are night workers on the premises, the security guard can help them get out and make sure everyone is okay. This is also the case if any of these workers have a medical emergency—a security officer on the scene will be able to help anyone that remains on-site and call for medical help if needed.

It’s important to have security officers on site, even during off-hours, to ensure that your business, property, and workers aren’t harmed while no one is around to help.

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