Are Security Guards Necessary for an Outdoor Event?

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Outdoor events can be a struggle to keep under control, which is why it’s important to hire professional security guards.

Outdoor events are a great time, but they can also present unique challenges and risks due to their lack of walls. A building is easier to secure because it is a solid structure with designated access points that can be monitored remotely or have security guards posted at them. Outdoor venues are completely open and easy to access if they are not carefully secured and monitored by a team of trained security guards.

Access Control

Outdoor events can be a struggle when it comes to access control. A lack of walls means that barriers have to be carefully set up and managed throughout the course of the event. Barriers create a perimeter, but they don’t necessarily secure that perimeter. Temporary barriers are easy to bypass, which is why it’s important to have security guards posted around the area to protect it from unauthorized access.

This goes beyond simply keeping out anyone who hasn’t paid for a ticket—strict and secure access control allows security to observe all guests entering the perimeter and catch any suspicious behavior or stop anyone from bringing in dangerous items. A strong security presence will put guests at ease and make anyone think twice before attempting to trespass or do something that would put security on alert.

Rowdy Crowds

A lot of people being packed into a small space can be a breeding ground for problematic behaviors and activities. Security guards monitoring the crowd can identify and put a stop to these behaviors before they get out of hand and infect the entire crowd, which puts the safety of everyone at risk. Once the crowd realizes security is ready to step in, they’ll also be less likely to get out of control for the remainder of the event. Visible security is an effective deterrent.

Emergency Preparedness

In the instance that a crowd gets wild, or some sort of emergency takes place, it can be difficult to manage in a packed outdoor venue. Security guards are trained in emergency preparedness, making them ideal for these situations. They can command the authority to manage the crowd, even during times of panic, and they will respond quickly to issues that arise. A team of security guards with established methods of fast communication can handle an emergency situation efficiently, maintaining order and helping any guests that are at risk.

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