Debunking 5 Common Myths About Security Guards

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CES Security Guards Myths
There are several myths plaguing security guards that are perpetuated by Hollywood and social misconceptions.

Security guards are an essential part of any business, maintaining order and responding to incidents as soon as they occur. They protect inventory, patrons, visitors, dwellers, and property in many different situations. Unfortunately, security guards are the victims of several pervasive myths that undermine their importance and capabilities.

All Security Guards are Armed

A common misconception about security guards is that they all carry guns or weapons. While this is true in some cases, many of the security guards you run into in your everyday life are unarmed. Unarmed security guards are preferred by many businesses and properties because they provide a lower liability security solution, and visible weapons make people nervous. The presence of security guards is supposed to intimidate potential criminals and put everyone else at ease—since weapons undermine their approachability, armed security guards are reserved for high-risk businesses and properties.

Security Guards are Not Properly Trained

Most security guards undergo mandatory training designated by the state where they are employed. Through their training, security guards hone essential skills that help them remain friendly, alert, and ready to respond at a moment’s notice. 

Security Guards are Lazy

A stereotype perpetuated by Hollywood is the lazy security guard. It is common in films and television shows for security guards to be depicted as inattentive or inept at their jobs. This depiction is meant to serve as a plot device for convenient screenplay shenanigans when in reality, security guards are well-trained and have plenty of work to do that keeps them from just sitting around or becoming distracted. They are also well-equipped to handle issues that arise both during business hours and after-hours.

Security Guards are Rude or Scary

A common myth about security guards is that they’re rude or scary, putting patrons and visitors on edge rather than at ease. In truth, security guards excel at public relations and are happy to provide friendly service to anyone in need. Many people have dealt with security guards without knowing it—front desk attendants can double as security guards.

Hiring Security Guards is Too Expensive

Many business and property owners don’t look into the possibility of security guards because they assume they can’t afford them. Hiring security guards doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive—one of the most affordable options is hiring through a security company. This takes a lot of pressure off of the business owner, foregoing the hiring process and providing trained security guards while being one of the most cost-effective options available.

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