How Security Guards Can Help Protect Multi-Building Properties

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CES Security Multi-Building Properties
Multi-building properties need special security strategies because they have a lot more ground to keep secure.

Every business, facility, and property comes with its own set of unique challenges that need to be considered when it’s time to decide on what security measures you’re going to take to protect your assets. For multi-building facilities, there is potentially a lot more risk involved due to the open areas of the property that are more difficult to monitor. In addition, potential threats or criminals can move between buildings and make it more difficult to determine what they’re targeting. It can be hard to keep an eye on every area at once, which is why security guards can be a critical security feature for multi-building properties.

Post Them at the Perimeter

The first point of access to a multi-building facility is at the perimeter of the property. In order to maintain control of who enters the premises, have security guards posted at any entrances along the perimeter of your property. This is your first line of defense, and security will be trained to handle any issues that may come up. While this will keep many unauthorized visitors away from your property and minimize the risk of a security incident, you should always have more security posted at deeper points within the property.

Station Them in Vulnerable Areas

In addition to having security guards stationed at entry points along the perimeter, they should also be posted in vulnerable and high-risk areas that need more protection than other areas. This can be areas that house expensive and delicate equipment, areas with volatile chemicals, or any other space that is likely to be targeted or could cause serious harm if targeted. Having security guards posted in these areas shows that you are serious about security, deters potential criminals or other security threats, and offers the opportunity to quickly and quietly deal with any problems that do arise.

Rounds Between Facilities

When your property has multiple buildings, the buildings aren’t the only areas that need to be kept secure. Having security guards do randomized rounds between the buildings to monitor these unsecured areas, and watch for any suspicious activity can be critical for maintaining a safe and secure property overall. Keeping an eye on outdoor areas makes it more difficult for any activity to go undetected, ensuring that potential threats are less likely to go unnoticed.

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