3 Tactics Security Guards Use to Address Aggressive Guests

3 Tactics Security Guards Use to Address Aggressive Guests

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3 Tactics Security Guards Use to Address Aggressive Guests
Here are three tactics that security guards can use to address aggressive visitors.

With businesses starting to reopen and tensions running high, people in customer service are facing increasing incidences of confrontation, verbal assault, and even physical violence at work. Companies that do not specialize in customer relations are not immune to aggressive visitors; former employees, upset visitors, and random passersby can initiate confrontations at the drop of a hat. Mask mandates, employee layoffs, and general anxiety can bring situations to a boiling point at any facility. Instead of leaving your staff to pick up the pieces, consider hiring a security team to deescalate situations and keep the peace on your property. Here are three tactics that security guards can use to address aggressive visitors.

Security Guards Look for Signs of Aggressive Behavior

One of the key responsibilities of security guards is to keep watch for suspicious activity, and that includes keeping an eye out for signs of aggression. Restlessness, visible agitation, and rudeness can be early signs that a situation is going to escalate. Security guards can watch for things like excessive sweating, clenched fists, rapid breathing, and pacing to spot visitors that may get into confrontations with your staff. These signs can indicate to a security guard that they should observe these potentially aggressive individuals and be ready to step in if necessary.

They Use De-escalation Techniques

Having security guards on-site is a valuable investment. These professionals can intervene and attempt to restore tranquility if a guest or employee starts to get agitated. Security guards who are trying to reduce tension in a stressful situation must stay calm, speak slowly and respectfully, and present themselves as non-threatening individuals who are looking to assist. These practices and other de-escalation techniques can help defuse a confrontation before it becomes dangerous.

Situational Awareness is Critical at All Times

Aggressive visitors and employees can be incredibly unpredictable, so remaining vigilant is essential. Security guards are trained to maintain situational awareness at all times, and this is crucial before, during, and after a confrontation. Aggressive individuals may not be acting alone, or they may react in an unexpected way. Staying aware of the people and objects in the area can help security guards predict behavior and keep themselves and others safe. If your facility needs an on-site security presence to keep the peace, contact the team at CES Security today!

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