The Qualities of a Great Security Guard

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Whether you’re hiring security for a small business, a large commercial building, or a public event, security guards have an important job.

Whether you’re hiring security for a small business, a large commercial building, or a huge public event, security guards have a very important job. In order to ensure your property or event is vigilantly protected from intruders and other security risks, it’s important to hire security professionals who exhibit the most important qualities to the profession. You may be wondering what exactly to be looking for in a security guard. Here are the qualities of a top-notch security guard.


A top-notch security guard should always be alert on the job. By remaining aware of surroundings and focused on the task at hand, a good security guard can be ready for any potential security risks that may come their way throughout the day. This means remaining observant and avoiding distractions in order to prevent missing intruders or other issues. If a security guard overlooks something on the job, it can put employees, customers, or attendees in danger, so a top-notch security detail must stay focused.

Good Communication Skills

It’s also important for a security guard to have good communication skills. Effective verbal communication can allow a security guard to give effective directions and even de-escalate the conflict. This is also a highly beneficial skill for security guards in crowd management. Additionally, a regular security guard will likely communicate with employees and customers on a regular basis, so it’s important they are courteous and polite.


Security guards have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of your employees and customers alike, so it’s important to look for honesty in a good security guard. If a security guard exhibits dishonest activity such as stealing or otherwise putting the company at risk, they won’t be protecting the business from criminal activity or security risks. You need to be able to trust your security personnel, so a top-notch security guard must be honest.

Detail Oriented

Security guards work for a wide variety of clientele. These clients may all have slightly different needs, so it’s important that a good security guard is detail oriented in order to meet those needs. By staying well-trained, focusing on a client’s unique needs, and manning their post, a top-notch security guard will prioritize safety and security for your business. With a top-notch security guard, you can rest assured knowing your business is in good hands.

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