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Should You Hire a Security Guard for Your Healthcare Clinic?

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clinic ces security
The safety of your healthcare professionals is a priority for our security staff.

The safety of healthcare professionals is a priority for our security staff. We understand the necessary sacrifices our healthcare workers have made and continue to make every day. The COVID pandemic has caused extreme burnout in the healthcare industry. Additionally, healthcare workers report being harassed unruly patients. These allegations have only increased as surges continue. Give your healthcare staff peace of mind by employing dedicated security staff from CES Security.

Long Lines

Patients are lining up anywhere they can to receive healthcare. Your clinic staff is left to deal with the long lines without security professionals. Whether your clinic is walk-in or by appointment only, there are a record amount of sick people that need help. After waiting hours for healthcare, many patients may become aggressive towards staff or destructive towards your property. Without adequate protection, your clinic staff will not have the power to respond to unruly patients before violence occurs. Furthermore, your clinic staff does not have time to explain how overbooked they are to patients. 

COVID Testing and Vaccinations

Now that all adults above the age of 18 are eligible for the vaccine or booster, lines are even longer. Vaccine appointments are scheduled weeks in advance. However, there will always be people who do not believe they need to wait weeks for their shot. Having security personnel to manage patient and visitor traffic will take a load of stress off your office manager. The number of people seeking vaccination will only increase as more booster shots are released. COVID testing is in high demand, especially during a surge. Security personnel from CES Security will kindly enforce your clinic’s rules and ensure all patients receive their treatment. 


If you have ever had an incident of violence at your clinic, you should hire security. Many perpetrators of violence return to the same place to harass a specific person or the entire organization. Protect your clinic staff by hiring trained professionals who know how to de-escalate intense situations. 

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