Facility Protection Strategies: Parking Garage Safety

Facility Protection Strategies: Parking Garage Safety

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Facility Protection Strategies: Parking Garage Safety
Follow these facility protection tips to keep your parking garages and lots safe and secure.

While securing a commercial property’s interior and main buildings is often an obvious choice, some business owners and building managers don’t consider the facility protection needs of their parking garages and lots. Your employees and visitors can still be targeted for theft and assault once they exit your main buildings; often, criminals see people as more vulnerable as they walk to their vehicles in remote lots and garages. Follow these facility protection tips to keep your parking garages and lots safe and secure.

Keep Visitors Informed and Alert

Vigilance is an invaluable quality, and your visitors and staff should be taught to maintain a high degree of situational awareness. Signs and announcements can encourage your on-site visitors to remain alert when walking through parking lots, especially while alone or at night.

Maintain Lights, Cameras, and Access Control Measures

There are a few physical measures that can serve your property’s overall facility protection strategy, and these tools and structures should be well-maintained to ensure their effectiveness. Fences, gates, and other access control systems should be regularly inspected and repaired. Bright lights can deter would-be criminals, as can visible and working security cameras. Each of these tools can make your visitors feel safe while simultaneously creating an inhospitable environment for thieves, vandals, and trespassers.

Be Aware of Nearby Crime Trends

Have there been thefts in your area recently? Staying aware of crime trends in your area is an excellent way to update your facility protection strategy to meet upticks in certain types of crime. A rash of robberies or vehicle thefts can encourage business owners and managers to upgrade their physical security measures, offer employees escorts to their vehicles, and increase on-site security patrols. CES Security has provided security services to businesses in Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Virginia for 45 years. Our team has extensive experience providing facility protection services that address local crime trends.

Hire Security Guards for Superior Facility Protection

Hiring on-site security is another effective way to deter crime and keep your visitors and employees safe. Security guards can serve various roles on properties with parking garages and lots. Some business owners choose to station security guards at parking lot entrances or satellite offices, while others opt for mobile patrols. Whatever your property’s layout, the team at CES Security is standing by to provide high-quality facility protection services.

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