4 Things that Security Guards Look for on Patrol

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Here are four things that your security guards look for while they are patrolling your property.

When security guards are on patrol, they are trained to observe and watch for many different things to keep your property and your patrons safe. For those unfamiliar with the minutiae of security and perimeter protection, the specifics of what security guards actually watch for can be a mystery. Here are four things that your security guards look for while they are patrolling your property.

1. Crimes in Progress

One of the most obvious things that security guards look for is crime in progress. While the presence of a uniformed guard is often enough to deter most criminals, there may be times when your guard finds a crime in progress during their patrols. Depending on the situation, your security guard may either try to approach the subject or avoid detection, observe and report the crime, and keep bystanders out of harm’s way.

2. People in Need of Assistance

Security guards will likely encounter or be approached by people in need of assistance while they are on patrol. People often trust uniformed guards, and may approach them for directions or other support. Instances like this can be over quickly, allowing the guard to continue their patrol. On the other hand, guards may also encounter people who are incapacitated or are victims of a crime, in which case more intensive intervention may be needed.

3. Strange Objects or People

While the type of business you own will influence which hazards and crimes are most likely, security guards must watch for anything strange or out of the ordinary. Objects like abandoned backpacks or packages, weapons, or even half-empty water bottles can be a cause for concern. Likewise, people who are slightly out of place, talking to themselves, or are otherwise acting strange should be monitored by your security guards.

4. Condition of Entrances and Exits

When on patrol, security guards will check the condition of the entrances and exits of your facility. In addition to seeing if a door is open or slightly ajar, well-trained guards will also check doors for signs of tampering. A door that has been tampered with during a break-in or attempted security breach can have subtle signs, so it is important for security guards to have great attention to detail.

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