3 Situations in Which a Security Service can Address Physical Security Threats

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Here are three types of physical security threats that your business may face and how a security service can be beneficial.

Regardless of the type of industry in which you work, commercial buildings are often exposed to the same kinds of physical security threats. A security guard service can provide you with peace of mind by having officers patrol your place of business and keep an eye out for vandalism, assault, and other threats to the physical safety of your employees and visitors. Here are three types of physical security threats that your business may face and how a security service can be beneficial.

1. Natural Disasters and Emergencies

Every commercial property should be outfitted with the proper life safety and fire prevention systems. Even when appropriately stocked with sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment, it can be invaluable to have a security officer on site to spearhead emergency preparedness, evacuation, or sheltering efforts. Security officers can provide guidance to employees and visitors during and after fires, earthquakes, storms, and other emergencies while providing accurate and succinct information to emergency response personnel.

2. Vandalism

While some people do not take vandalism seriously as a threat to physical security, vandalism is the deliberate destruction of personal property. Commercial buildings can benefit greatly from hiring a security service to deter, observe, and report vandalism. When buildings have graffiti left on them and the offenders are uncaught, this sends a message to other criminals in the area that the building does not take security seriously. Vandalism can quickly lead to breaking and entering, theft, and more for your property.

3. Theft

Theft is a physical safety concern that plagues most business owners. Businesses that are not in the retail sector have just as much to worry about in terms of theft and burglary; technology equipment, financial records, furniture, construction supplies, and client information are all likely targets for would-be thieves and burglars. Hiring a security guard service is a great first step for business owners who are concerned about theft. Your security service can consult with you about what areas of your business are most vulnerable and how you can best protect them, and security officers can patrol your property to deter and watch for thieves.

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