End of the School Year Security at Commercial Properties

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End of the School Year Security at Commercial Properties
As schools prepare for the end of the year and the summer vacation, increasing security around commercial properties becomes even more important.

The end of the academic year is in sight. As schools prepare for the end of the year and the summer vacation, increasing security around commercial properties becomes even more important. Here are two instances of security concerns that happen more frequently when school is not currently in session. That will require an enhanced security presence to protect commercial properties of any kind, such as malls, shopping centers, and standalone retail stores once school has let out for the summer.


In simplest terms, loitering involves people standing around somewhere they have no right to be. When school is out of session, young people are often left with nothing else to do and are found loitering in parking lots, train stations, shopping centers, malls and other commercial properties. Loiterers might engage in illegal activities.  Property managers may see increased incidences of trespassing, theft, vandalism, and property damage caused by individuals who loiter. In some cases, the incidences of vandalism and property damage are in response to the loiterers being asked to leave the premises. Regardless of the type of property you own or oversee, having more security guards begin patrolling towards the end of the school year and over the summer can provide a firm presence that will help discourage security risks such as trespassing and vandalism.


Vandalism refers to the intentional destruction of public or private property. Graffiti is one common example of vandalism, whether it is done by painting or spray-painting often inappropriate messages on walls, doors, windows, or decorative features such as fountains and statues. The funds that commercial properties spend on repairing damage from vandalism or replacing the affected areas over the summer are taken away from their budget that they could apply towards acquiring new stock, hiring new employees, and giving pay increases to existing employees.

One incident related to vandalism is the break-in. There are three primary types of break-in:

  1. Nuisance break-ins: Often committed by students for the thrill of doing so. Very little damage is caused, and nothing appears to be stolen in these cases.
  2. Skilled break-ins: Often committed by experienced criminals who target expensive items such as computer equipment, flat screen televisions, and other high-priced items. The criminals gain access, steal what they are after, and escape with a minimum of collateral damage.
  3. Destructive break-ins: Often committed by the same culprits behind skilled break-ins. However, instead of theft, the goal of these break-ins is to destroy a commercial property, often through arson.

Ensuring Safety

Loitering, vandalism, and intentional destruction of property are all suspicious and malicious activities that occur more frequently when schools are either quiet or empty over the summer. Part of ensuring safety involves having security guards who are approachable in the event of an incident that endangers the safety of anyone who is permitted to be on the commercial properties that you are responsible for; that said, you need to hire the best security guards around. You can put your trust in CES Security to provide you with the most committed and skilled guards to keep your properties and guests safe all summer long.

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