How to Ensure Parking Lot Safety

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How to Ensure Parking Lot Safety
Clear communication must exist between visitors, employees, and security personnel. This communication helps to ensure parking lot safety and reduce liability.

The parking lot is one of the important parts of any commercial property. Here, guests and visitors can store their cars while they are visiting your building and then return to it once they are done. Ensuring parking lot safety is one of the ways you can make your business more welcoming and reduce liability.

Improving Lighting

One sure way to improve the safety of your parking lot is to add more lighting. Parking lots and parking garages can be dark, especially after nightfall. LED lights are much brighter than other types of lights. Beyond their brightness, LED lights also represent a smart investment for your parking lot because they are more energy efficient, keeping costs down, and will not require as much maintenance during the time the lights are deployed. When you have more lighting available, you can help make your business more attractive to potential customers, not only on an aesthetic level but also when it comes to making them feel safer on your premises.

Adding Signs

It is clear to see that upgrading the lights in your parking area benefits your business. However, adding signs to your parking lot can also boost your business. For instance, informational signs guide your customers. They can advertise the name of your store and direct your customers where they should go to reach the property, and what spaces they can park in. Furthermore, you can also install signs alerting customers that security cameras are in use and that security guards are on duty; thus, your customers will also need to know that there is are safe ways to contact security directly.

Enhancing Communication

When a dangerous situation arises in a parking lot, or there is a maintenance issue in the parking lot, it is critical that clear communication exists between visitors, employees and security personnel. This communication helps to ensure parking lot safety and reduce liability.


One solution that businesses can implement is to install emergency phone towers. These features can be especially useful when reception for cellular phones may not be as reliable, such as inside an elevator. Once connected with security, your guests can report an incident to the security guards on duty, and, if necessary, to the police and other relevant authorities. These towers need to be accessible and stand out as landmarks in the parking structure. Thus, increasing light levels and providing adequate signage is even more crucial in the areas around the towers.  

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