Asset Protection Strategies to Protect Your Commercial Property

Asset Protection Strategies to Protect Your Commercial Property

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Asset Protection Strategies to Protect Your Commercial Property
Whether you are looking to secure equipment, salable goods, or information, these asset protection tips can help you protect your commercial property.

When it comes to protecting commercial property, many business owners focus on perimeter protection. While this is a valid strategy, there are other aspects of asset protection that require work to ensure that your company’s assets are safe, protected, and accounted for. Here are some asset protection tips to help boost security and protect your company’s physical assets with help from CES Security.

Define and Record Your Assets

The first step to protecting your assets is knowing precisely what you have. Make a comprehensive record of things like computers, printers, vehicles, machines, and other expensive tools and goods. Information is also an asset, so be sure to consider things like servers and file storage when defining your assets.

Have a Security Professional Assess Your Risk

Once you have gotten an idea of what it is that you must protect, you should seek consultation from qualified security experts. At CES Security, our dedicated professionals have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to help you assess your facility’s risk, develop a security plan, and provide solutions to protect your assets. Contact us today to learn more about what CES Security can do for your commercial facility.

Remove, Consolidate, or Store What You Can

After you have determined what valuables you must protect and monitor, you may decide to limit your vulnerability by removing, consolidating, or storing some of these assets. For example, if you have two forklifts stationed at your loading dock, but only one gets used regularly, consider storing one forklift in a locked storage area. Minimizing the amount of expensive equipment you have accessible and storing duplicate equipment can help ensure that you can keep track of your assets.

Boost Physical Security

Lastly, if you are looking to improve asset protection for your commercial property, you should consider your facility’s physical security as a whole. Fences, security cameras, locks, and access control measures can go a long way in terms of keeping your assets safe. Trained security guards from CES Security are an excellent addition to any security strategy. Contact the experts at CES Security today to get started on improving your facility’s asset protection strategy.

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