5 Responsibilities Of A Security Guard

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5 Responsibilities Of A Security Guard
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Do you know the primary duties of a security guard? In addition to deterring and helping to prevent crime, there are other duties security personnel needs to perform while on the job. Many of these responsibilities are often overlooked and underappreciated. Keep reading and discover a few examples of duties of security guards today.

Monitor The Area and Enforce Rules

One of the most significant responsibilities of a security guard is to monitor the area around which they are stationed. Employers have their own set of policies that need to be enforced. For instance, in some cases, only certain employees or visitors should be granted entry into a building or area. This may require persons to show their identification or sign in at the front desk before they are permitted to enter. The security personnel must ensure that all rules and requirements are met to ensure everyone’s safety.

Maintain A Calm Atmosphere

One of the reasons why security guards are often used at large gatherings is to maintain order. Sometimes, chaos can break out at large assemblies or parties. The presence of a trained security guard will help ensure the safety of people in the area and the property.

Welcome Guests

In most cases, security guards are positioned at the entrances of buildings and facilities. For that reason, they need to be approachable and friendly to guests. Sometimes, they are needed by employees and visitors of a building to provide directions and answer questions.

Request Assistance When Needed

When dangerous situations arise, it is the duty of the security officer on site to ask for assistance where it is needed. For example, in the event of a burglary, the security officer would contact the authorities right away.

Provide Safety Advice To Employers

A trained security guard should be able to provide employees with safety advice. If they notice that something looks troublesome while on the job, they should report back to their facility manager about the potential danger so that a solution can be found.

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