How Security Guards Can Help Protect Multi-Building Properties

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Every business, facility, and property comes with its own set of unique challenges that need to be considered when it’s time to decide on what security measures you’re going to take to protect your assets. For multi-building facilities, there is potentially a lot more risk involved due to the open areas of the property that […]

Physical Security Remains Critical Even in an Online World

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While cybersecurity is often taking the spotlight in discussions about security, it’s important to remember that physical security remains relevant in our online world. In fact, with the advent of some online conveniences, physical security is potentially more relevant than ever to protect people as well as assets that keep businesses operational. Thanks to modern […]

Does Your Warehouse Need Security Guards?

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Most warehouse owners and operators appreciate a good security guard, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Warehouses are often home to expensive goods, dangerous chemicals, and lots of room for incidents that have the potential to threaten the safety of employees. Having a trained security guard on staff provides a multitude of benefits that […]

How Security Guards Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Customer and client satisfaction is critical for properties and businesses, but it’s not always the easiest thing to manage. Many people forget just how critical security guards can be in customer-facing roles—they’re there for security, but they are also a great asset for improving customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience.